Hey Happy Freelancer, do you want to convert your Instagram followers into paying clients?

With a content calendar with 365 ideas for posts and Stories, you will save time and energy and learn how to reach your ideal clients online.

I want to find new clients

Would you rather have 10,000 random followers or 1,000 potential clients?

Is Instagram not bringing you any clients?

Don't worry, I've got you covered

As a freelancer, you are already busy enough as it is, juggling multiple clients, deadlines and an ever-growing to-do list. Feeling the constant pressure to post on Instagram on top of that is not only taking a lot of your time, but it’s also draining your energy.
But what if:
  • Posting on Instagram, as a part of your online branding strategy, could be fun again?
  • Posting doesn’t feel like a shot in the dark anymore, because you work with a proven strategy?
  • You could convert your followers into paying clients?

Introducing: The Happy Freelancer Content Calendar!

The Happy Freelancer Content Calendar is here to the rescue. Presenting 365 content ideas for freelancers, specifically designed with the goal to find your next clients through your Instagram.
Level up my freelancing

With 365 content ideas, the Happy Freelancer Content Calendar helps you to:

Save time

You don’t have to spend hours and hours on Instagram anymore. Your strategy is already mapped out for you.

Get inspired

The calendar includes 365 ideas and tasks, one for every single day. They will inspire you to create content all year round.

Build your personal brand

Learn how to build and grow your personal brand on Instagram and market your freelancing skills online.

Reach your ideal clients

The content calendar is custom made for freelancers willing to get their online presence on fleek and reach their ideal clients.

What will you get?

Each month, you will receive a printable calendar in your inbox. This calendar contains ideas for all days of the month. You will also receive a workbook each month, with an extensive explanation for every single day. This includes daily tips and resources, tasks to improve your branding, and to understand the strategy behind the Content Calendar.

12 Monthly calendars

You will receive a downloadable calendar in your inbox every month with content ideas for every single day (pdf format).

12 Workbooks

Aside from the calendar, you will also receive a workbook every month (pdf format). This downloadable workbook will contain around 20 pages of tips, tasks and resources.

365 Content ideas

For every day of the year, you will receive a content suggestion. The content is specifically designed for freelancers. The ideas are all aiming at strengthening your personal brand online and ultimately to convert your followers on Instagram into paying clients.

Tasks to improve your branding on social media

The Happy Freelancer Content Strategy will only work if it fits your business and your personality. Small tasks will help you to find your own voice and improve your social media strategy.

Daily tips and resources to help you master Instagram branding

With tips and resources, you will learn more about Instagram branding and how to reach your ideal clients.

Explanations to understand the strategy behind the Content Calendar

Strengthening your online branding is not just about following a proven strategy. The Happy Freelancer Content Calendar also explains the strategy and helps you to become an expert in personal branding yourself.

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What happy customers are saying

Since I startd using the calendar I already had new business coming in! It's funny how most of my followers probably didn't even know what kind of work I do. Just by posting your content ideas, I stay in the back of their mind and they contact me. My first client through Instagram is a fact now! It works! Thanks for the inspiration.

Ruben van Selm

Freelancer designer

I really love the Content Calendar. I'm glad I bought it. It made my 'Instagram Life' 100 x easier! The calendar helped me to increase my number of followers + engagement. Can't wait for the Feb calendar.

Gaze del Castillo

Founder Freelance Community

Your content calendar is super useful and it helps me stay organised and have a clearer image in my head.

Zulema Couso

Freelance Translator

About the Happy Freelancer

Instagram…. ugh!
Two years ago, I hated Instagram. I felt a constant pressure to post and for what? The only reactions I got were from my Mom and some high school friends that I hadn’t seen in years. Instagram seemed like a waste of time. And as a freelancer, my time was valuable, so why bother?

Luckily, I gave it one last shot. I did a lot of research and worked out a social media strategy. I started my account @thehappyfreelancerstruggles and learned that I was doing something right. My audience was growing quickly and my followers were super engaged. I improved my strategy and it paid off…
Only after a few months, I landed a new client and asked how they found me. The answer? Instagram! More and more clients followed and by now, 2 years later, about 40% of my clients are coming through social media. I have been fully booked last year and have not reached out myself to potential clients once.
Now I’ve got my Instagram branding on fleek. My mission is to help you do the same!
Emma_van_der_Schelde_fotografie_008 kopie
Rosanne Schipper, Founder Happy Freelancer

Frequently Asked Questions

More questions? Feel free to reach out!
Please send an email to info@happyfreelancer.nl or go to the contact page.

I’ve tried different content calendars, what’s different about this one?

The goal of most other calendars is to grow your Instagram following. Not this one! The Happy Freelancer Content Calendar is specifically designed for freelancers. The goal is to position yourself as an expert on social media, engage with your potential clients and convert them to paying clients.

What’s the value?

The Happy Freelancer Content Calendar is specifically designed for freelancers. This calendar is not just providing you 365 content ideas, but it includes a monthly workbook with tips, resources and tasks to improve your social media presence and ultimately to convert your followers into paying clients.

Why don’t I receive all 12 monthly calendars at once?

I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed. Let’s take this step by step.

Do I need to start in January?

No, you don’t necessarily have to start in January. You can start any time to step up your Insta-game! The calendar has no starting or ending date. You will receive 12 content calendars for a full year, starting from the moment of purchase.

Do you sell smaller packages?

No, you will receive content ideas for one full year. Why? I believe that personal branding is a marathon, not a sprint. It takes time to position yourself as an expert online. By posting a few times, you will not find any new clients. But when you post consistently for a year and follow a proven strategy, you will take your online branding to the next level and reach the right people.

Do I pay the full amount or per month?

Customers pay one time: 59 euros for a year.

Why? With a monthly subscription, it’s easy to forget about your strategy and quit after one or two months. But personal branding is a marathon, not a sprint. By paying the full amount at once, you will commit to the Content Calendar and, more importantly… To yourself!

Is my content going to be the same as everyone else's?

Not at all! You will have 365 content ideas to work with. But this doesn’t mean your Instagram will look like everyone else’s. Don’t worry, there is still plenty of room left for your own creativity. Find your own tone of voice, style and rhythm. Show who YOU are.

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1 month
1 Month calendar1 Month calendar
1 Workbook1 Workbook
30 Content ideas30 Content ideas
Receive your calendar on the
1st day of the month
Receive your calendar on the
1st day of the month
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3 months
3 Monthly calendars 3 Monthly calendars
3 Workbooks 3 Workbooks
90 Content ideas90 Content ideas
Daily tasks, tips & resourcesDaily tasks, tips & resources
Receive your first calendar todayReceive your first calendar today
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Full year
12 Monthly calendars 12 Monthly calendars
12 Workbooks 12 Workbooks
365 Content ideas365 Content ideas
Daily tasks, tips & resourcesDaily tasks, tips & resources
Receive your first calendar todayReceive your first calendar today
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